Spring- Freestyle/Greco

     Freestyle wrestling is often considered club wrestling in the US, but it is the style most wrestled around the world.  This style is what one would see when watching the Olympics or other international competition.  Freestyle is also the only current form of women’s wrestling offered in the US, but that will soon change as women’s wrestling will most likely be in emergent status for the NCAA division 1 level competition soon.  Freestyle wrestling focuses on high action and scoring from standing (neutral).  If a wrestler gets control on top, the match could end in a matter of seconds.  If no control is established, wrestlers are quickly brought back to the neutral position.

     Roman Greco style wrestling is perhaps the oldest sport on the planet, there are cave drawings of it that date back as far as 3000 BC and it was in the 708 BC Olympic Games.  A common misconception is that Greco wrestling is all upper body.  While it is true that only the upper body may be physically attacked in this style, it still requires participants to move their feet and find power in their hips and backs in order to score.  Greco has the same scoring system as freestyle, but the vast majority of the points come from throws as it is illegal to attack the legs of wrestler in Greco.